Immorality in my heart

The Acoli people are not today the same as once was. Immorality is on its high. And your drinking mate is right if ever they accuse you of being loose today.

The only consolable truth about this is only that this is a truth examined by an ignorant scholar.
Do we justify? No.
Do we prove? Yes.
How do we move forward?

First we recognize and own to this fact that we have been lazy. We have been meek and we have let the world describe Acoli in their own literature. Some of which outrageous descriptions were/are not objective.

Do we blame them for being subjective? NO.
What they see now is what they know!!
I am just as Hurt as everybody who feels insulted due to accusations and new framing of Acoli people.

But your drunk partner is right. Right for now. He is right because he was not there when Acoliland was a prodigy. Not there when the land was ravaged by the almost 30 year armed conflict. They are only here when that the evils of war has changed you.

Sad. Isn’t it?

How do we therefore prove ourselves to ourselves?

Yes there was a system breakdown. Yes it happened in murders and cold murders. Yes it was Africa’s longest lived conflict.

Do i have your attention?

Now that the conflict is gone. Where are we headed?

What does the world vaguely know and not know that we can tell them? All these will make the body of our frames.

The worst we are now due to this armed conflict and its evils is the best they all have been even without armed conflicts amidst them.

Are you consoled?

Let it be far from it!!

Your story has changed! Now let us give chance for the world around us to see what happened before, during and after the war in Acoliland. Then we can be consoled that the future generation will have a spring board from which to make reactive amends.

Let us preserve these occurrences and tell lasting stories in books we write by ourselves and not foreign “gods”.

Before the world frames us only according to what they see about us today let us do that work for them.

Let us write! Not only on social media posts that are equivalent to had momentary lapses of emotions but write this book you already lived!

I repeat!! Let us show the neighbors who we were, who we became and what we fight to rehabilitate about us.

Such is the responses i have made. Such part of stories i have written in my upcoming first creative non- fiction book. A long researched project that I started documenting in 2003. Each year bringing something new to the chapters. If i have not completed it yet it is because the issues are overwhelmingly and could never be exhausted in a specified period.

Everybody here now have that same task to undertake.

Let us write to prove and not to justify.

Watch this pace.

“Faces in their eyes”

Upcoming creative non-fiction. By Pompilla Suzan Agalo.