Heal One Child Initiative

Pompilla S. Agalo
Founder Heal One Child Initiative


Receive warm regards from Heal One Child Initiative (HOCI).  A membership initiative inspired by the life of Father John Scalabrini.
Father John, since his arrival in Uganda in 1962, informally adopted dozens of children, forming them into a large multi-generational family. 

He was a zealous worker for northern Uganda region, where the LRA rebels cavorted and changed the traditional ways of life in the region. Until later, he was banned form the region.

I joined his family in the early millenium. He always told us, his adoptive kids, “To be illiterate is the worst type of poverty.” And, he gave us that love and wealth which is literacy.

After his demise in 2016, we are “Carrying on,” as he always said, with his legacy of educating vulnerable children. At HOCI, our task remains to preserve this legacy.

We are open to new donors, whether individuals or organizations. With art as a subgroup, authors donate a portion of their art proceeds, exhibited at designated centers in Uganda and overseas. The vision bearer, the author of The Faces in their Eyes, is a beneficiary of Father John’s charity, and the first benefactor (author) dedicating her book for this legacy. 

Fr. John Scalabrini.
Founder Emmaus Foundation Charity.

You Are A HOCI Benefactor When You:

(1) Register as a monthly, yearly, or one-off donor (foundation).

(2) Buy HOCI books for self, family, schools, libraries, and book clubs.

(3) Request and organize for an HOCI author speaking engagement.

(4) Sponsor a HOCI child at school.

(5) Adopt a HOCI child.

“God is not depending on you to manage his children. You can only be part, if you are willing”

The Foundation of the charity - The Old days at Emmaus Foundation

Fr. John reviewing school report cards of children he paid to school.
Fr. John doing the way of the cross with his children on a good friday.

The carrying on of the charity - A new beginning at HOCI.

Pompilla and her very first enrolled into HOCI charity.